At GoodWin you get to meet and discuss your future financial goals with the Portfolio Manager who actually manages your assets right from the beginning. We plan strategically to meet your future needs!

We evaluate each clients needs and preferences based on his/her risk-return profile, source and measure of wealth and stage of life, spending and lifestyle requirements, anticipated large capital expenditures, tax considerations and legal issues.

Your overall financial health is our concern. Since we concentrate on your overall wealth management for a robust long term financial health, we work closely with your accountant, attorney and other investment professionals to meet your long-term goals.

GoodWin does not custody clients’ assets. Clients’ assets are held with a regulated third party custodial firm. GoodWin is not an investment broker and hence does not earn a commission by selling you investments or by churning your accounts. This model of running our practice keeping the custodians and brokers separate from us, the investment manager helps provide the highest quality of service with no conflict of interest and act purely in the best interest of YOU, our esteemed Client!