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Invest Wisely is hosted by Mrs. Leelaa R.S Rao, a highly qualified Portfolio Manager of wide international experience. She is the Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment Institute (UK) and a Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA (USA). She is the President of GoodWin Asset Management, Inc. For more details on Leelaa R.S Rao click here

About the Show

Invest Wisely is fully dedicated to create an awareness towards safe investing in the global capital markets in doom and boom situations. The program not only addresses and educates on issues that govern investing but also advises on strategies to combat or shield oneself from dire economic situations such as recessions and depressions. Current global economic and market update that has relevance to the individual investor will be addressed in a brief manner.

We all invest one way or the other for a secure future in the form of 401K, IRA, Profit Sharing Plan etc in different investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities so on and so forth.

Several puzzling questions probe our minds like -Are we in the right investment plan? Am I with the right investment professional? Am I paying the right fees ? Am I invested in the right market ? Am I using the right investment instruments or products. On top of this, any untoward movement in the global market or economy increases our anxiety level if our nest egg is really safe.

Invest Wisely aims to bring you the answers to all these and many more questions that probe your mind and helps steer you in the right direction to meet your investment goals.

Seek the right advice to make the right decision at the right time to find the right path to success!

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Is the amount you invest in tax-deferred plans sufficient for your retirement?

Tax deferred retirement plans such as the 401K or IRA are great vehicles for investing for your retirement. You must absolutely make use of all the advantage that you can avail by efficiently investing in this way. But the question is will the amount from such a portfolio sail you happily and in abundance during your retirement years.

Risk management- Asset Allocation is the measured way to diversification

Do you know you could lose a big chunk of your principal by not having the right portfolio to suit your risk profile? Asset Allocation is the disciplined way to diversification to reduce risk in your overall assets.

How to avoid some common investment mistakes

Some of common errors we commit in investing and and strategies to avoid them in order to build a healthy portfolio.

Strategies for under-performing annuities

Can you dump those under-performing annuities or cash out for your urgent needs? Let’s see some ways to do this and also what is you your recourse when you feel you are duped.

How to mitigate or minimize the Estate Taxes

Carefully planning the transfer of wealth to your spouse or children is a very essential part of estate planning. This will minimize or totally avoid estate taxes so that your near and dear ones are left with a lot more.