Rebalancing a portfolio is all about risk control!

We use a methodical plan to implement the asset allocation best suited to a clients needs. Taking into account current market conditions and economic trends, we review the clients portfolio on an ongoing basis and make possible adjustments.

Keeping in mind that every client has a unique aversion to risk and preference to returns, GoodWin uses the following mixes of tactically rebalanced portfolios.

It is not just the client’s ability or willing to take risk that puts him / her into a particular asset allocation strategy, but also other factors such time horizon, liquidity needs and tax considerations affect the decision. For example, a client with a long time horizon can choose to invest using the Growth strategy, provided there are no other constraining factors.

Market and economic conditions play a major role in tactical rebalancing. When our analysis foresees serious implications of a downturn, to minimize any eventual capital loss, we immediately decide to move a substantial portion of the overall assets in the clients portfolio into cash and cash equivalents.