Our highly disciplined investment philosophy is based on four key facets

Research! Research! Research!

Solid research being the foundation to long-term financial success, our buy and sell decisions for your portfolios are taken after methodical and exhaustive study and disciplined approach. We thoroughly dissect the securities we shortlist for investing in the portfolios and regularly gather in-depth, first-hand information on markets and companies around the globe.

Fundamental Investment Principles

We only choose investments after determining the difference between the fundamental value of a company and its market price. Our fundamental investment principles have been time tested.

Long-Term Approach and Low Turnover

We buy only after we are assured that an investment is suitable on a long-term basis. Hence our portfolio turnover is very low and hence tax-efficient.

Risk Management and Focused Diversification

We give great importance to risk management. We look at the overall financial picture and time horizon when managing your money. We stress on diversification in focused way to achieve low risk and consistent performance.