We DO NOT SELL Mutual Funds, Annuities or any other financial or insurance products

GoodWin does not sell – GoodWin does not engage in selling mutual funds, annuities or other financial products for commission like many other financial advisors do for commissions or kickbacks. We are not tied to any other financial services institution. You do not pay us a fee for selling someone else’s products or services, but compensate us genuinely for directly managing your assets. Hence you are not burdened with a host of hidden fees. We are a fee-only Investment Management firm. GoodWin does not engage in selling mutual funds, annuities or other financial products for commission. GoodWin is not a fee based firm Click here to know the difference between Fee only and Fee based advisors

GoodWin does not operate as an investment

GoodWin does not operate as an investment broker relying on brokerage commissions or churning your assets. GoodWin believes in keeping the broker and custodian different from the investment manager to avoid conflict of interest.

Low Management fees and secure custody of assets

Low management fees which include the cost of custody at a regulated financial institution. Your assets are held in your name, and continue to be identified as your property unlike assets held by brokerage firms.

Direct Interaction with the Portfolio Manager on your Investments

GoodWin Asset Management directly manages the assets of the clients. It is normal practice for financial advisors to invest assets of the clients into some mutual funds, which earns them a commission. In this scenario, the client never gets to meet with the person who actually manages his or her hard earned assets. With GoodWin, you meet with the Portfolio Manager initially and also on an annual basis to discuss the performance of your assets and reviews your financial health at that time.

Safe domestic and international diversification

At GoodWin Asset Management we give great importance to focused domestic and international diversification. We continuously conduct in-depth macro analysis of the global economic situations and the corporate financial health in order to come up with a wide selection of securities which can fit into our clients’ portfolios. Being a client of GoodWin, you are not buying into packaged financial products of financial institutions and assume that you are diversifying. On the contrary, your portfolio is designed for you from our large treasure of safe global securities, bearing in mind your individual return requirements and risk circumstances.

Absolute transparency with our clients

At GoodWin, we believe in absolute transparency in all our dealings with our clients since we strongly believe in holding ethical standards to be of great importance.