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Goodwin Asset Management Corporate Presentation

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GoodWin acts as a Fiduciary and strongly upholds absolute transparency and has no conflict of interest in the way Clients assets are managed

GoodWin Asset Management is a fee-only investment management firm. We are not partial towards any investments or financial products because we have no vested interests. We are only compensated by you and we work only for you and for none other than you!! It is usual practice that many of the so-called financial advisors sell products or services of a few restricted investment firms and be paid commissions or kick-backs for the same. Their advice to clients revolves around the products they are contracted to sell. GoodWin does not belong to that flock since we do not market anybody’s products and has the only prime privilege to work exclusively in your interest.

Multi-national, multi-market and multi-economy experience!

GoodWin has an unique edge over many investment managers in bringing you the experience of a well defined multi-national and multi-market portfolio. To achieve capital appreciation and reduce capital loss, we strongly believe, diversification should also be at the levels of economies and markets and not just within classes of investments within a single market . This distinctive facet of GoodWin is trusted and strategic handy tools in meeting the challenges of the unpredictable movements in the markets.

Leelaa Rao, who founded and heads the firm is a Chartered Financial Analyst, the highest level qualification in the global financial markets and is also the Fellow Member of the Securities Institute of the UK. She not only holds these elite qualifications but also a wealth of experience having worked in the financial markets in the US, the UK, Switzerland, India and a deep rooted research into many other world markets.

Customized portfolio just crafted for you!

GoodWin is specialized in meeting the needs of high net-worth clients and institutions through focused, long-term, individualized investment strategies. This aim is achieved through the integration of tax-efficient investing and decisions based on well-informed financial planning strategies. Since every clients situation is unique, we work for you in creating a customized portfolio crafted to serve you today and well into the future.