At GoodWin, we strongly believe that diversification should span across the globe. Bearing in mind our conservative investment strategy, we choose to diversify our clients’ portfolios in selected countries. We use a top down approach in choosing countries and a bottom up approach in choosing individual securities.

Developed Market Allocation:

GoodWin advises the clients to choose at least 50% of the overall assets outside of the US market in securities of developed markets, like the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Australia, Canada and Spain. We invest in fixed income, large and mid capitalization equities and ETFs in these markets.

Emerging Market Allocation:

We also make a overall allocation of up to 10% in India, China and Brazil, which are considered to be among the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. We mainly invest in quality large capitalization equities in these markets. We also allocate assets to these markets by way of ETFs to gain exposure to these economies.

Sector Allocation:

GoodWin chooses to allocate assets to low beta sectors, in order to limit capital loss in gyrating markets. We are balanced in our approach and we allocate assets to both growth and value sectors.

Global capital market and economic conditions do play a major role in our decision to reallocate the assets among the chosen markets and sectors to capitalize on any opportunity or limit / prevent capital loss for the clients portfolios.