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Investment Management Services

GoodWin Asset Management has in- house expertise in world class professional portfolio management backed by multi-national and multi market experience in asset management, working in many different economic and eventual scenarios. We specialize in crafting individual customized portfolio that meets your specific needs and goals well into the future. We continuously monitor your assets and rebalance your portfolio based on both changes in your individual financial status and the economic and market scenarios. We are a fee-only Investment Manager. Our Investment Management services are compensated on a fee-only percentage basis of the assets under management.

Financial Planning Services

At GoodWin Asset Management, we believe, as a highly valued client, you are entitled to top class financial planning well measured to meet your future with confidence and peace at all stages of your life. Recipients of our valuable advice range from novice to qualified investors who have been in the markets for several years. Here we evaluate your current portfolio and investment plans to discuss research and advise to help you on the best possible way to manage your finances in the most cost effective and strategic way. With our expertise, we try to make your financial life milestones better than what it had been before we entered. Our expert financial planning consultation is charged by the hour and often helps you plan your budget . GoodWin charges the clients a reasonable consultancy fee of $125 per hour.

To get an in-depth understanding of our investment management expertise visit our Investment Philosophy and the links therein.

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