There is no better time than TODAY so let’s get started NOW!

A few simple steps gives us the privilege to serve you as your Investment Manager and / or Financial Planning Consultant.

Step One:
  • Client Investment Policy Statement Questionnaire,
  • Net worth calculator
  • Income & Expenses form.
  • Your current investment statements (You will provide this for us)
Step Two:

Fax these to our office at (850) 432 9262 or email it directly to the Portfolio Manager at [email protected]

Step Three:

Schedule an appointment for you to meet and discuss with the Portfolio Manager your future investment goals. We will have your current investment statements analyzed for free to discuss with you during this meeting!

Step Four:

Client contract or Investment Advisory Agreement is signed, we assume the role of your Investment Manager and / or Financial Planning Consultant.

Step Five:

We will chart out your detailed Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation. The Portfolio Manager will go over this with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Once we have assumed the fiduciary duty of your Financial Advisor, we will provide our expert services with utmost care and diligence maintaining absolute transparency. We will work closely with your accountant , attorney and other professionals, where applicable on an ongoing basis.

Your assets with be monitored continuously. You will be provided online access to your accounts and a detailed monthly investment statement will be sent out to you. The Portfolio Manager will meet with you annually to present your detailed performance report. Any changes in you financial or Personal situation is taken into immediately to make necessary changes to your portfolio as a measure of prudent risk management.

At GoodWin we respect your privacy and hold the highest standards of ethics. You can download our Privacy Policy and Code of Ethics

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